While I am reluctant to define myself in one particular genre; I can say without wavering that I identify as an artist, writer, poet and actress, yogini and spiritual wayfarer, not limited to any one medium or practice. Because of this, I prefer to not ask others "what they do?" knowing more often than not, they will answer with that which puts money into their pockets, as opposed to what experiences they choose to engage in that will undoubtedly fill their hearts with joy. In the same vein, for me to say, “this is who I am” inevitably limits the possibility of all I am in the process of becoming.

In the process of my becoming I am committed to pealing away the layers that prevent me from truly experiencing the expansive qualities of love, all of the time.  This is what I believe is the most important work any of us can do at this time in the world, and it is at the heart of all of my endeavors as well as teachings.

So how did I come to yoga, you may be wondering? It was several years after sustaining a serious break and subsequent fusion to my lumbar spinal region, in a terrible car accident, that I discovered the practice of yoga. My Discovery enabled me to regain much of the physical prowess I had deemed gone for good. Having been an avid and talented athlete prior to the accident at age 15, I was surprised and delighted to experience a new found and extraordinarily spacious sense of physical wellbeing and self empowerment. That realization inspired me to teach yoga. 

My work as a yoga teacher is to serve love by effectively empowering and facilitating the success of my students. My teaching style is clear, spiritually centered around the heart and tantric non-dualism, and rooted in the Universal Principals of Alignment that have evolved from the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.  My teaching focuses on the same mindfulness, open hearted willingness and the integration of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, that enhance self-awareness and improve the overall quality of our lives. I like to think of my classes as absorbable, deep, palatable, enjoyable, and inspiring.

As a bonus to living in a body that has been racked with injury I find that I am especially gifted working with those who have sustained their own injuries, assisting them in their own rehabilitation and return to full physical health and wellbeing. A healthy body is a happy body and I know only too well that a happy and fulfilling life, is the only one worth living. In the company of many other amazing yoga teachers, entrepreneurs and visionaries I aim to inspire and nurture others to be their best, on and off the mat.

My commitment to Yoga is a constant in my life. I currently teach four regular classes a week and am an Anusara Inspired ERYT 200 yoga teacher, in the last legs toward Anusara Certification. I began studying yoga in 2005 and completed a 200 hour Anusara Teacher Training with Bea Doyle in 2009. Along with Bea, I credit with deep and humble gratitude many yoga teachers for illuminating my path, including (my best friend and partner in Shree Yoga) Suki Dalury, Desiree Rumbaugh, Noah Maze, Jonas Westring and John Friend to name but a few.

I also write a blog - Unconditoning The Heart - which focuses on living true unconditional love. You can sign up for my blog in the link on my contact page. When I'm not rolling around on the floor I can be found practicing yoga in a myriad of other ways; seeking equilibrium in marriage to the man of my dreams, balancing work with pleasure while regularly enjoying coffee at my favorite local café, expanding my capacity to communicate effectively when walking my spirited dogs, co-creating with the mysterious and divine source energy in creative pursuits from acting and singing to sewing and writing plays, and anywhere else I wind up in this wild ride called life.