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Buddha Nature Retreat

This Summer I will be teaching yoga asana alongside Suki Dalury during a week long Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Santa Fe, NM.

Meditation and Dharma talks will be led by longtime teacher and practitioner Sue Hunt.

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Buddha Nature begins at

5:00 pm June 17th and will end the Morning of June 23rd based on student travel

Buddha Nature Curriculum:

Hatha/Vinyasa/Anusara Yoga

Cultivating emotional intelligence

Returning to a baseline of calmness

Contemplation of the self and self-image

Silent/Walking mindfulness meditation

Visualization meditation from Zen and Tibetan linages

Buddhist philosophy and psychology

Confronting destructive emotions

Group discussions about laws of karma

Kundalini Yoga and Kryias – Meditation

Chakras and Your Meta Dialogue

Connection to your Buddha Nature

Mindfulness in Daily Life

Connect to Spirit in waking life

Sounds Healing and Sound Baths

Registration and additional information can be found at www.livelightly.com

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