Dancing to the DJ of Perfect Timing

Some days it seems to me that time drifts by so slowly, and yet I find myself rushing to complete tasks, trying to make the most of my productivity as if I am attempting to live out the lyrics of a Righteous Brothers song.  Other days go by so fast it feels as though I blink and the crisp brightness of morning has flashed into the dark of night, leaving me breathless with wonder watching the day go out like a blister in the sun.  

Admittedly, doing nothing, is not an easily found skill in my skill set.  I like a honey bee, buzz around all day picking up, putting down.  Some days there is clear vision behind the movement, a more beautifully choreographed dance of this and that, stuff and things.  Other days, I am a mish-mosh of clamoring about like a heavy footed boot wearing grunge kid in a mosh pit, moving deliberately, without much grace.

Regularly, making a conscious effort to be more present in the moment, I observe that the moment becomes more clearly a dance in the space of time rather than a race with time.  Like all dance parties some songs are fast, others are slow, and some, one just has to sit out.

It is when I sit one out that sometimes a storm rises in me, telling me that in sitting it out I loose momentum, I miss the opportunity to move forward, sideways, back, around in circles, but to move nonetheless.  Perhaps I am more like a shark, fearful that if I stop moving I will sink to the bottom and die.

However, with time, in time, I am learning to sit on the sidelines, if only for a moment, and catch a breath as I enjoy observing the undying flow of movement on the dance floor of life before me.  

In stillness I observe that I am never truly still, as my hearts is always beating while this body that houses me continues to breathe, lungs expanding, blood flowing, thoughts sometimes racing and other times drifting across the horizon of my mind like clouds.  Movement on the dance floor of life never ceases.  On the days when life feels stagnant, like momentum has ceased to move me forward toward my desired goals, or even backward and sideways away from them, I now acknowledge that the appearance of the feeling of inertia is only an illusion. 

The human ego when in a state of myopic self perception demands to be in control of the state of ones life journey, demands to be the DJ choosing the music.  When we become skilled in the practice of balancing our ego state into a perception of ourselves in a bigger picture, where all things are moving together and our actions contribute to and evolve from that net, we come to realize something greater than our small ego mind is really weaving the story and is truly playing the roll of DJ on the great dance floor of life.  Letting ourselves arrive to the dance party without concern of what the DJ will play, rather, aware of our own passionate desire to dance, or sit on the side and watch the glorious movement of life around us, is the gift we are given when we step out of the stream time management and into the present perfectly timed moment.  When we permit ourselves to be swept away in the current of the perceived concept that it, whatever it is, needs to happen right now, we steal from ourselves the grace we can bring to the steps of our own dance led by a partner we may not see, but have the opportunity to trust.  In trusting an energy greater than ourselves, we lift the pressure of perfect timing, the pressure of how and who, the pressure of control, and we open to the delight of being in the flow of the magical presence of the conscious universe, which when we allow ourselves, we see is always conspiring for our greater good.  Stepping out of the seat of control we come to find ourselves responding with ease to the songs this great DJ chooses to play for us, be them sad country songs, heavy metal ballads, or that happy song you call your jam.  Over time, we find ourself waking up with songs in our head like "time is on my side" and "sittin on the dock of the bay, wastin time" without a worry or a care for missing a step or a cue.

Today I acknowledge there is no race, nor place I need to be. I sing "time is on my side" as I look around and perceive all of the choreographed steps of perfect timing being executed by the brilliant magic of nature in the fullness of the season on the precipice of the harvest moon.

We can all enjoy more of each moment by breathing deeply, acknowledging the movement that is always present and does not stop, and the gift of our present awareness in this magic moment, time after time.  

With love in joy, slow dancing,




After finishing my Spring Yoga Challenge last week a friend asked me if it was hard. "No," I responded, "it wasn't hard, just time consuming." The question has however propelled me into much thought this week on the topic of the exchange of energy. I found myself diving headlong into questions of what is hard, what is a challenge, and what makes something difficult? Is difficulty or hardship necessary to gain something of value?I have spent much of my life pondering deep questions like this. Questions like why are we here, what's the point of life, and what is the universe made up of? There are many possible answers to these questions depending on the perspective one wishes to view life from and take their stance of knowing upon. Perhaps I would have been well suited to study philosophy, perhaps I still am, yet I can't ever seem to slow myself down enough to sit in a classroom and call myself that kind of student. Needless to say one does not have to be an academic to pursue knowledge and understanding, or answers to the deeper questions of this thing called life, answers which inevitably just lead to further questions. Despite identifying with the artist type personality I have come to discover much of myself to resemble characteristics of a scientist as well. As I dig ever deeper into the well of knowing myself through the practice of yoga I find myself more commonly looking for what is, like a scientist with a control group, what does not change? The common answer I come across is that Everything changes. Perhaps it takes billions of years, but no matter the shelf life of any one thing be it a piece of plastic, a human life, a planet or a galaxy, a self identity, everything changes. Underneath the fluctuations of change one thing is constant, the energy that exisited before the materialization of the beingness and dissolution of its existence remains. Energy is what is. What is energy made up of? I don't know. What I do know is that it is the most replenishable resource in the universe. Though it may change form it is never gone, it is just being transfered. Where energy is flowing creation is happening, be it sustained, dissolving, or in the resting state before form. It obviously takes more energy to do some things, like growing a child in your tummy, starting a business, and doing a handstand than it does to take a nap, mow a lawn, or lay happily in savasana. However, as I have come to see it this week, challenges or effort only become hard when we are fighting against the natural flow of the energy. Things become difficult when the output of energy is forced. We are where we are at any given moment. This does not mean we will always be here or there, for like the constant that exists in the universe, all things are changing all the time including ourselves. If we wish to learn to do something new, something different or other than that which we already know it is going to require from us different levels of energy output. Perhaps willingness, courage, time, persistence, and steadfast commitment. However, if we can be in the flow of the energy recharging it intelligently with food, rest, patience, laughter, joy, and playfulness, all things are possible without hardship. It seems to me that the word hard is what makes it so, eliminate the word from the experience and the experience is transformed to something of more value. Are challenges necessary to experience a life of value? Perhaps, and perhaps the word challenge is like the word hard, creating a framework of an experience of learning that could be more playful otherwise?

With the understanding that all things are an exchange of energy, and some things require more energy output than others, and our experiences are direct reflections of how we choose to label them, life and the ever unfolding exploration of the adventure of uncovering the new have the potential to become an ever increasing time consuming playground of delight, time-travel, and afternoon naps! Or at least, this is how I'm choosing to see it today.

Einstein was pretty smart and this is what he had to say about it too.

I hope this Sunday evening finds you enjoying the sweet energy of the unconditional love of nourishing sunlight and the ever blowing winds of change.


With love, Genevieve