The Gift

Life is so much fun! In every present moment is a gift waiting to be unwrapped and enjoyed however the moment may appear. Daily I am reminded that no matter how well I think I know something, it is inevitable that at some point what “I know” will change. For me change often brings up my fears, and in its essence I understand that change is the cause of all suffering. It is in resisting change and the gifts that the change may bring, or being attached to what was before the change, that we drop into the roots of suffering. Over the course of many changes in my own life I have found that when I trust the change will bring good, not only does it become easier to transition into the new, what the change brings with it is always for my betterment.

This week marks the seventeenth anniversary of a marked change in my life that I am reminded of daily. The incident was a car accident that left me nearly paralyzed on the side of a highway in the hot summer landscape of the Arizona desert. As I have traversed the recovery of my body and my spirit over these past many years one thing I know to be true is that this devastating incident was a true gift in my life, it has taught me what I am made of.

Last summer I fell down stairs which in a true instant threw me into another life changing cycle of physical pain, personal identity rediscovery and reclamation, as well as a drastic change in daily routine. Over the course of this last year I have slowly found my way out of the proverbial darkness and I now view the ever changing and new landscape of my life, which at times I refused to imagine, could ever appear so good. Again, I come to know even more deeply what I am made of.

Today the Earth begins to make its course tilting on its axis back into the seasons of less light. In the face of this knowing I find comfort in remembering the gifts that come in surprising packages, the beauty that comes in the wake of that which may appear to be less lustrous. Nature has such a delightful sense of grace in its constant state of change, as the northern hemisphere of this magical planet moves out of the light, it shoots forth the bounty and full bloom of the glory of summer.

Truth is, things change, and our greatest gift is our ability to choose our response to and our perception of what is being presented to us in any given moment. As the heat swells and gardens explode with life, may we remember as we enjoy the reward of the seeds we have planted, our rewards are also in pulling the weeds, the literal weeds of our gardens and the figurative weeds of the limited perceptions of our minds. Not this, not that, yes this, yes that, coming to know with every thought, feeling, and action what we are made of. All of this, while we look for the good of the unknown and trust it is there just waiting for each of us to see, feel, and allow ourselves to BE it.

Each day and all that each day offers is a gift, that’s why we call it the present.

Happy Summer, May You Continue To Enjoy The Many Blessings That Fall Upon Your Every Day.

With Love, Always, For Giving, Genevieve