The Forest and The Trees


Learning to be rather than always be doing is one of the most challenging efforts any of us can undertake. Perhaps this is because we are taught at a young age that our value is measured by our legacy and we only have a short time to build one. Legacies being what they are don’t often leave room to be identified as a state of being unmolested by doing. All life is a balancing act and an exploration in our very own alchemists laboratory. We set goals for ourselves, most often struck by our deepest desires, and we work toward those goals. The process of knowing when to add and when to remove becomes clearer with each day in the laboratory. Holding steady vision set on our intentions, keeping our sights on the prize, can also lead to a point where we see only the forest and never the trees.

Just as it takes time to learn how and when to temper our actions in a precise and productive way, it also is a process of learning that enables us to hone our gaze. Keeping our eyes on the path but also taking in the many sights along the way is what fills our memories with joy and our days with wonder. Such vision, narrow while panoramic enables us to see beyond the challenge of the hills in front of us, and out into the glory of the wider landscape.

Rising to the challenge of being rather than doing is the starting point of the transition from a human doing into a human being. Meditation, while difficult to bring into a daily practice, truly serves the pursuit of being…being happy, being mindful, being at peace, being present. Sitting with oneself in the company of whatever is rising and falling away without trying to change it, permits an opportunity to learn how to see the forest and the trees in any and all circumstances. A couple of minutes a day, or every few days, is a fine place to start. Like all paths, the longer you are on it the more you will see and experience.

Perhaps we can learn to leave a human legacy not built of monoliths and fortunes but rather of mindfulness and being? Perhaps we can leave for posterity an example of being that validates kindness, patience, generosity, presence, and love? Perhaps the future is a reflection of our state of being right now and with every moment it is getting more and more beautiful?

Today is a great day to begin.

With love, always, in all ways, for giving,


If Not Now, When?


We all have goals we would like to reach, fulfillments we would like to attain, and changes we would like to make in our lives. And just as we all can share in this very human aspect of our nature to dream our lives bigger and different we can just as easily distract ourselves from the steps we must take to bring into manifestation that which we are dreaming of. Putting off today until tomorrow does not do anything to enhance the quality of our lives. It is easier to dream and imagine the way things will be when they are different than it is to drop old habits and pick up new ones. However, the more we put off the processes of our own growth and transformation the more we find ourselves in the challenging mental dance of imagining how things could have, would have, should have gone. The only way to make a change, to truly know how it might feel to have a new renewed life is to begin, now.

There is no doubt that it will be challenging, sometimes to the point where you may feel like giving up. Yet in the face of your adversity is where you will also find yourself in the magic of your innate power. Tenacity, steadfast commitment, perseverance, these are necessary ingredients for satisfaction to arise in any aspect of our lives. It is in the digging into the work that we find ourselves fulfilled, not in the outcome. But when we give our best to the work and we believe in ourselves along the way, the outcome generally as a natural byproduct is more beautiful than we could have ever hoped for.

So if there is something you have been dreaming of, now is the time…if not now, when?

With Love, Always, in All Ways, For Giving,


Empowered Living

I believe that the only limits we truly experience are the ones we put on ourselves. This is most true in relationship to the old stories we tell ourselves about who we are, where we come from, and what we are worth. There is no denying that some of us have had hard lives, or experiences in our lives. However, every day is new, and every moment is filled with opportunity to perceive life with fresh eyes.  One of the greatest treasures of the yoga practice is the refinement of mindfulness that leads to a clear self awareness which catches the mind while it is telling itself stories of separation, martyrdom, and lack of self-worth. In this kind of awareness is the opportunity to acknowledge that these stories are only stories and we get to rewrite them as we please. In the practice of mindfulness is the opportunity to transform the story into one of self worth, dignity, courage, and the bounty that is gifted to us as we stand in the face of adversity. We come to find that in the end to be breathing, to be conscious and animate in a world that is conscious and animate, relating to self and the world around us, is enough. 

Yet, we all still live in a world with very little control of the circumstances of our lives. In the midst of that which we cannot control what we do have dominion over is a capacity to refine our ability to consciously wield our attitude, and sometimes this is all we have. When we wield our attitude to stand in dignity and in self worth we remember all living things are worthy, and all of our relationships become richer and more rewarding. Fundamentally the quality of relationships we have is directly dependent on the attitude we perceive them with.

 A friend of mine says the sky is not the limit, and he is right. You get to live the story you write, so choose a good one, maybe with unicorns hiding around the corner rather than monsters.

With Love, Always, in All Ways, For Giving, In Joy,