A Beautiful Paradox

There is a beautiful paradox in the art of "Being Here NOW". Each present moment of life is a moment filled with the potential to drive forward the desires of ones future, as it is also inextricably linked with the moments of ones past, which inevitably effect the choices of the now and the reality of that which will come."Being here NOW" is a key factor to living life in a state of unconditional love. Being creatures of story and detail, it is not uncommon to get caught up in the story of the lives we have lived. It is part of our nature to pull from those stories as we make choices for our future. The stories arise from a simple truth, we have hearts that desire to feel delight and joy, and we are also fragile and easily scarred. The ability to be in the present moment allows for the feeling and awareness of the present moment. Being in the present moment also allows for newness when necessary, for it is in the present moment that we have the point of power for the future. The past only has as much control over ones current choices as one chooses to give it. To better enable for oneself a joyful, comfortable, harmonious, and peaceful life it serves to have a mindfulness practice which one can utilize to stay in each moment. Comfort arises with the practical application of mindfulness and spiritual tools that enable the increase of happiness and ease no matter the outward circumstances. Though I think it is simple in theory "being here NOW" is the most challenging of my personal practices. As I seek my own steady state of comfort, peace, harmony and joy, the biggest challenge I find for myself is to not be so focused on the big picture of my life that I neglect to enjoy the nectar of each day, i.e. "being here NOW." However, as I continue my diligent journey, I do continue to find it is easier and simpler to live each day enjoying it as it arises, than to try to work out my whole life in one day. Unconditioning the heart is unconditioning the mind. It is delighting in the dance of the beautiful paradox, the wildness in the chaos, the curiosity in the not knowing, all while enjoying the feeling of the spaciousness of your heart as your feet float away from the floor,right NOW. With Love, All Ways, For Giving, Genevieve