The Art of Authenticity


Authenticity is the artistry of the yogi. To honestly connect to oneself beyond the artificial layers of surface and tension that separate self from others and then express that self without limitation takes great skill, creativity, and discipline. To trust that no action needs to be taken until it is necessary, to know that whatever response one has that is true to ones own self is the only response necessary, this is the task of the yogi. Not to be taken lightly and yet, not to be taken to seriously. Too much dogma inhibits true self-expression, just as too much spiritual pretense prevents honest response to the nature in which we all dwell. Gravity and levity like light and dark are mere mediums to play with in the art of yoga, and the art of mindful, spiritual living. Creating a work of art that sings as a life of authenticity is where the intention is placed. To truly arrive at an authentic expression one must also claim openhearted willingness and the acceptance of unconditional love from self and source as their discipline and devotion. Where we place our attention is in the end where we make our connections and therefore all intentions matter. For, it is from the intention that the attention arises.

To know thyself is perhaps the most valuable and daunting task any yogi, artist, or human may undertake. And, to know thyself without criticism is to be honest and true, authentic and creative, integrous and honorable and ultimately free.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ~C.G. Jung

With Love, Always, in All Ways, For Giving, In Joy,