good medicine

When You're on Your Ass...


Recently I ran into my friend, her husband, and their young son at the park on a walk with my dog. As we were saying hello their little boy was wondering around exploring our surroundings and fell onto his butt in a pile of snow. My friend asked her husband “Does he need help up?” And I being the smartass I am, said to her “You know, he’s going to have to learn to pick himself up eventually, and besides he doesn’t look all that upset about his situation.” Fortunately for me my friend did not take offence to my remark and after smirking, she said “When he was learning to walk he would take a couple of steps, fall over, laugh and laugh, and get back up to do it all over again. I remember watching and thinking, I could learn something from that.”

I too felt that there was much to learn from this young child’s journey onto his feet. There is truth to the reality that at some point we all have to know how to get back up after we have fallen, but it is what we choose to do while we are down that makes all the difference. It is my hope that the next time I find myself on my ass, I can find the humor in it, patiently hang out a bit, then get back up with the willingness to do it all over again. Fundamentally, we never know what we are capable of if we do not try, and if we are unwilling to fail or fall we will never try. I agree with Nelson Mandela who said, “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Laughing while you are on your ass lifts your spirits and eventually lifts you back onto your feet.

Have a wonderfully adventurous week and if you fall, remember laughter is great medicine.

With Love, Always, in All Ways, For Giving,