cast away

Cast Away


We all want to connect and feel like we belong, it is human nature. Over the course of our lives we wind in and out of relationships like strands of hair in a braid. From closeness to estrangement and sometimes back to closer than ever before. This is part of the process of personal and relational evolution.  While we explore the ever expanding perimeters of ourselves and our relationships it is important to remember that we all change and there is no harm in casting away from what once served and has become less lustrous or valuable. The same is true for those who cast themselves away from us. In the spirit of unconditional love it is valuable to remember that just because someone has changed, set sail, and gone on to new ways of being, does not mean they are outside the circle of deserving of love and respect.

Sometimes we deem such departures in relationship as a falling out, when in fact they are more aptly an opportunity to fall more deeply in. Anytime people come into or move out of our lives is an opportunity to reflect on what they came to teach us. Sometimes the teachings are directly related to interrelating, most often, however, they are related to inner-relating. 

As we evolve and change in external relationships, our internal relationship evolves as well. Knowing what serves changes from day to day and breath to breath. When we cultivate a connection to our deepest selves with a capital S, we cultivate the ability to not only cast our sails but also navigate through the stars or our soul lit sky. This is not merely human nature, it is the nature of our spirit and our soul. Connecting here deepens all other connections no matter how fleeting or everlasting into the heart and the heart of all hearts with love.

The wind of love is always blowing, all you have to do is open your sails.

With love, always, in all ways, for giving, Genevieve