be here now

If Not Now, When?


We all have goals we would like to reach, fulfillments we would like to attain, and changes we would like to make in our lives. And just as we all can share in this very human aspect of our nature to dream our lives bigger and different we can just as easily distract ourselves from the steps we must take to bring into manifestation that which we are dreaming of. Putting off today until tomorrow does not do anything to enhance the quality of our lives. It is easier to dream and imagine the way things will be when they are different than it is to drop old habits and pick up new ones. However, the more we put off the processes of our own growth and transformation the more we find ourselves in the challenging mental dance of imagining how things could have, would have, should have gone. The only way to make a change, to truly know how it might feel to have a new renewed life is to begin, now.

There is no doubt that it will be challenging, sometimes to the point where you may feel like giving up. Yet in the face of your adversity is where you will also find yourself in the magic of your innate power. Tenacity, steadfast commitment, perseverance, these are necessary ingredients for satisfaction to arise in any aspect of our lives. It is in the digging into the work that we find ourselves fulfilled, not in the outcome. But when we give our best to the work and we believe in ourselves along the way, the outcome generally as a natural byproduct is more beautiful than we could have ever hoped for.

So if there is something you have been dreaming of, now is the time…if not now, when?

With Love, Always, in All Ways, For Giving,


Taking It Slow


Some days it feels like there are just never enough hours to get it all done. For years I have found myself saying, “I wish I had more time.” And, “I don’t have enough time.” This perspective not only creates a world in which I find myself rushing from here to there, it also is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sure, there are days when I would have liked to accomplish more, but in rushing through the tasks I find I am less fulfilled in the end. Recently I read that if you want to do something fast, do it slow. This philosophy reinforces the teaching that to be mindful of what you are doing while you are doing it enables you to do a better job and to not have to go back and do it all over again. In the same vein, I have also heard that though multi-tasking appears as if a whole bunch is getting done at one time, it also steals from the person a sense of calm and presence that eventually turns into perpetual stress, which in turn can shorten a life dramatically. Truth be told even though I have many times wished there were more hours in the day I prefer going slow and enjoying being present with the task at hand. Though I am a good multi-tasker and I can easily move fast through the many tasks of the day, I am learning to go slow in order to get it done faster. And though none of these slow steps do much to add more hours to the day, they add more hours to my time spent in ease and peace as opposed to stress. Slower steps from here to there, slower thoughts as I write this piece, slower chewing as I eat my meals, slower thinking when in conversation with beloveds, slower driving while on the road all will eventually lead to a longer more satisfying life, in which much much more can be accomplished. This is the hope at least, and what I am working on today.

I hope you enjoy a slow Sunday evening and the sweet calm moments it gifts to you.

With Love, Always, For Giving, In All Ways,


Water is Rising


Over the years many friends and loved ones of my heart have left this world. With each passing I am reminded sometimes like a gentle embrace and other times like a rising and gushing spring river of the fleeting minutes of this magical life. Another beautiful soul who shined light so briefly yet brightly into my life passed this week and once again I am reminded that each day of life is the time to attend to what is most important. The reminder of what is most important brings me brightly into the awareness that it is not what clothes I wear, what job I have, how much money I make, nor what pose I can do. What is most important is not what other people think of me, nor what kind of car I drive. Rather, it is how I treat myself and other people, mindfully present in these fleeting minutes in this body and this heart. I take a deep breath, I honor the beauty of the one who reminded me to just be here right now, and I hope to stay in the present moment for as long as I can remember. I hope to stay connected enough to connect to others even if briefly with honesty and love rather than judgment.

Today I spent in the dirt playing with the tulips I planted for the friend who left three years ago in April and praying for the one who left the other day. The reminder to be alive while living is a great gift. To enjoy the squeaks of my dog, the snuggles of my cat, the small irritations of living with my husband, the feel of gusting wind, aching back and blistering hands while pushing a heavy loaded wheelbarrow, and the sun on my back and arms because in a moment it will all be over.   Like the petals dropping from the tulips all life has a course to follow and dissolving back into itself is a part of that journey.

While here it is our responsibility to do our best to enjoy it, to open with courage to the love that is all around us shining every day like the sun and to go with grace when grace calls us back to our homes in the heart of all hearts.

Time is short and the water is rising.

With Love, Always, In All Ways, For Giving, In JOY!