The Forest and The Trees


Learning to be rather than always be doing is one of the most challenging efforts any of us can undertake. Perhaps this is because we are taught at a young age that our value is measured by our legacy and we only have a short time to build one. Legacies being what they are don’t often leave room to be identified as a state of being unmolested by doing. All life is a balancing act and an exploration in our very own alchemists laboratory. We set goals for ourselves, most often struck by our deepest desires, and we work toward those goals. The process of knowing when to add and when to remove becomes clearer with each day in the laboratory. Holding steady vision set on our intentions, keeping our sights on the prize, can also lead to a point where we see only the forest and never the trees.

Just as it takes time to learn how and when to temper our actions in a precise and productive way, it also is a process of learning that enables us to hone our gaze. Keeping our eyes on the path but also taking in the many sights along the way is what fills our memories with joy and our days with wonder. Such vision, narrow while panoramic enables us to see beyond the challenge of the hills in front of us, and out into the glory of the wider landscape.

Rising to the challenge of being rather than doing is the starting point of the transition from a human doing into a human being. Meditation, while difficult to bring into a daily practice, truly serves the pursuit of being…being happy, being mindful, being at peace, being present. Sitting with oneself in the company of whatever is rising and falling away without trying to change it, permits an opportunity to learn how to see the forest and the trees in any and all circumstances. A couple of minutes a day, or every few days, is a fine place to start. Like all paths, the longer you are on it the more you will see and experience.

Perhaps we can learn to leave a human legacy not built of monoliths and fortunes but rather of mindfulness and being? Perhaps we can leave for posterity an example of being that validates kindness, patience, generosity, presence, and love? Perhaps the future is a reflection of our state of being right now and with every moment it is getting more and more beautiful?

Today is a great day to begin.

With love, always, in all ways, for giving,




You. You are who you are. Though there are many other people on this planet and even many who may be like you in more ways than one, yet you are the only you there is. All of who you are is the gift that makes up your contribution to the shared experience of life we are all having together. It is your responsibility to honor who you are. You are you and only you can be you. Trust that in honoring who you are you will find your way more deeply and lovingly everyday into a state of more sincere gratitude. Honestly express yourself, honestly listen to your needs, honestly honor your boundaries and permit yourself to really feel the experience of life that only you will have. Give of yourself authentically. Listen with all your sensory perception to the world beneath and beyond the surface of your skin and express openly your genuine response to this ever changing animate reality. Being generous of yourself with yourself in effect permits others to do the same through your example, and through the your connection to your heart. Know your heart, feel it, trust it, listen to it, be honest about what you hear there and respond with gratitude and generosity, this is living in presence this is intimacy. Have courage that you are enough, be confident that where you feel lacking you can gain, and where you feel in excess you can temper with peaceful moderation. Remember that while you are you, no one else is you, and therefore your point of view is just that, your own. Perspective and the awareness of the many points of perspective in any situation or circumstance is sometimes the most valuable gift of spaciousness you can give yourself. Set your sights on your intentions from your authentic perspective not someone else's. Invite your energy to always move forward toward your goals by holding a perspective that supports your ultimate success, and always get up after you fall. Commit to yourself, commit to your heart, commit to your intentions and goals, eventually you will arrive upon the doorstep of your most true content. Never forget you are the only you. Never forget that just like you everyone else is doing their best to arrive on the doorstep of their truest content too. If, along the journey of your life you get confused about who you are and what makes your heart sing know you are not alone. Look to the people around you and know that they too have questioned, they too have hurt, and they too have set goals that seemed impossible to reach. Hold yourself with love, and hold your neighbors to. You are love, and loving is what you do.

You. You are who you are. You are perfect. You are enough, right now, today.

With Love, Always, in All Ways, For Giving, In Joy!


Thoughts on Ressurection


Springtime, Easter, the story of the resurrection all mirror an aspect of ourselves that we can live everyday. One of the great trappings of this journey of human life is the labyrinth of the stories we tell ourselves. Storylines that have the same endings over and over, storylines that have the same characters and plot arcs, storylines that have themes like always and never. These stories in themselves shape the way we perceive our lives and in turn are the clay from which we shape our lives. When we look to nature and stories of greatness like the story of the resurrection we invite ourselves to remember our innate divinity. Like a tulip there are seasons when we are full and alive, and seasons when we are dormant, yet neither of these states are permanent. No thing is. All things are ever in transition even in the appearance of stillness. Each night is in itself a transition into a little death where we have the freedom to invite the events and cares of the day to dissolve away and prepare ourselves for rebirth. During our sleep is the great gift of renewal, and each morning is the opportunity to resurrect ourselves and begin our lives anew. In this way each and every day becomes the first day of the rest of our lives. The slates clean the story yet to be written.

This is the magic in the story of the resurrection, the reflection of nature as the days get longer and earth becomes warmer. Freedom is the gift we are all here to receive as soon as we allow ourselves to be liberated from the storyline that keeps us locked in the cave with no light.  Let in the light, receive the gift.

“You were born a child of light’s wonderful secret—

you return to the beauty you have always been.”


Blessings to you,

With Love, Always, In All Ways, For Giving