"Be The One Who Loves You The Most"

"Be the one who loves yourself the most" said the quote on stage at Brett Dennon's show a couple of weeks ago. It hasn't left my mind.Choosing to be the one who loves ourself the most is choosing to always have a best friend around to laugh with, cry with, explore with, dance with, forgive. Of course like any relationship with a best friend there are moments when we want to fight about it, be right, know more. When we choose to be the one who loves ourself the most there is a brilliant opportunity to have those fits of ego and let the results turn out more like a childhood fight. "I'm never speaking to you again." Until, "Hey, wanna color?" or "What's for lunch." As children our squabbles were worth being upset about, yet rarely carried weight beyond a five minute timeout. Many of us are no longer children and our fairy tale story days have been painted over with an uglier more realistic story of human kind as a long list of misunderstandings and differences of opinion resulting in ware and high walls and boundaries of definition in class and creed. Yet underneath all of the bravado, all of the hard held beliefs, all of the he said she said, all stories aside, we are all still children looking for that best friend to love us the most. Getting older is a wonderful blessing, with it we are entitled to new experience, skill in our participation in activities we enjoy which inevitably leads to satisfaction, reward, and sometimes notoriety. Every year around the sun leaves us with memories of times we laughed, times we cried, the things we would do again, and the evidence upon which we build and hold a boundary of no more. With all of the wonderful blessings of older age also comes the pitfalls of knowing, pitfalls of failing, pitfalls of falling, pitfalls of ego and fear. No matter who we are, how old we are, where we have come from, or where we are going, one thing is absolutely sure, we are vulnerable. Our bodies are vulnerable to injury and death, our hearts are vulnerable to heart break, and attachment, and our minds are vulnerable to believing things that are not true, and do not serve us. How in all this vulnerability any of us manage to survive is almost a miracle, and when we allow ourselves to see life this way it becomes more precious and more exciting. When we learn to be the ones who love ourselves the most, we stop seeking outside approval and we grant it to ourselves no matter the stage or circumstances of our lives. When we learn to love ourselves the most we hold our vulnerable being-ness as a precious gem, we make choices based on what feels good, not what we think is supposed to feel good, and we don't care if we are the odd guy out because we're the only one dancing on the dance floor, when there's no music playing. Loving ourselves the most allows us to pick ourself up again after we have fallen, and give ourself permission to go forward, bravely believing in ourself even if we are afraid. Being human means we will fight with ourself from time to time, but loving ourself the most means we will be the first one to forgive ourselves our shortcomings and then go back to playing, laughing, and having the most fun. When we love ourselves the most, we remember how hard it is to be a human and to work out this crazy journey called life and we find room for others to do the same, boundaries and opinions fall away, and we forgive. "Be the one who loves you the most." You're worth it, and you always have been! With Love, All Ways, For Giving, Genevieve