A Prayer for Today

Please do not forget…

That the world we live in is a magical and mysterious realm where all things seek not only to survive but also to thrive.

That though something may appear to be ugly and hard to understand, at its heart is the same mysterious energy, love, and beauty (Shree) that brought all the good you have ever experienced into being as well.

That forgiveness and compassion are the doorways to peace and happiness.

That you have the power to respond mindfully and with heartfelt awareness in any circumstance.

That you set the stage for clear boundaries in your life with your every thought and action.

That each of us leads with our actions and our actions set the tone for their consequences…or in other words…what we ripple into the world.

That you put the conditions on the love you experience, received and given, every moment of every day.

That darkness is an invitation to more light, and discord is an invitation to harmony, and the practice of yoga is bringing into an integrated whole all facets of being.

That the universe is conspiring in your favor.

That not all is lost in one Presidential election.

That you vote every day with every dollar you spend.

That times of great challenge are also times of great growth.

Please always remember…

You came in light.

You walk in light.

And you are loved.

With love, always, in all ways, for giving, in joy,