Getting to the Point


Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodhah - The stilling of the fluctuations of the mind, this is yoga.For many yoga is just a means to get their feet behind their head, or to stand on their hands, or to do back bends so deep they can sit on their own shoulders. Truly it is nothing less than amazing what some bodies can do. However, this concept of yoga has become so prevalent that the deeper values of the practice are often missed by the masses.  The body is an amazing vehicle which houses our conscious experience of perceiving, animating and relating with all forms of life. As human beings we experience many aspects of consciousness, from thinking, to sensing, to intuiting and more. Because the organ of our brain is so powerful we often disconnect from the more subtle aspects of our conscious experience. Paradoxically it is the brain that drives our most profound contemplations while at the same time inhibiting our experience of realizations of profound contemplations without struggle. This is where the yoga practice most powerfully serves and offers value.  

As the physical body is expanded and contracted into various shapes and forms the energy in the body has an opportunity to flow with more ease and less inhibitors. As energy in the body flows with more ease the mind has an opportunity to calm and steady and the rampant trains of thought slow to a crawl or let go all together. In the quiet of the mind and the smooth flow of energy the vibrations of the seed of consciousness becomes more enhanced and the subtlety of feeling connected to something bigger than oneself becomes less vague. It is in that feeling of connection to something bigger that we have the opportunity to build trust and allow ourselves to be danced by source, breathed by the creator, played by the master of all song, all without too much commotion of the questioning mind.

This is the essence of the ancient practice of yoga, and one does not have to ever set foot on a yoga mat to obtain such a state of being. It is just as worthwhile to acknowledge that getting your foot behind your head can also open the gate to a higher state of awareness and being, but it is not required. Rather what is required is the willingness to dive in, to return, and to face yourself in the presence of the unknown. And while there to do your best to modify the fluctuations of the mind stuff that say you are not enough, you are afraid, you are better than, and on, and on. This is the yoga and the journey is lifelong. May your return to your practice always return you home.

With Love, Always, In All Ways, For Giving,