Without Practice Nothing Can Be Achieved


Perhaps you are already thinking of New Years resolutions? Maybe, like me, you are resolving to do new things and experience life differently all the time? Hopefully all of these desired courses of action require a small, if not large, level of difficulty and will present you with a true opportunity to achieve something different from what you now know. If this is the case than it is quite likely that at first you will meet with adversity and challenge, you will miss the mark if not fail completely. The question will then become how important is it to you? If it has a modicum of importance than you will return to try it again and again. Over time, that which was challenging will become less difficult, and eventually that which once eluded you, will become your nature. This is the nature of practice, and it’s rewards. The process of revelation, from ignorance into knowing is effectively a pealing away of layers and veils of sensitivity that limit the space of perspective until individual consciousness is united with all encompassing consciousness. To know yoga and unconditional love requires passing along this journey. There is a process of assimilation that cannot take place solely through the passing on of information, solely through the teachings and the words. Rather, we must experience the expansive and personal unraveling of belief and attachment in order to arrive at the door of truth and understanding. Experience is the path that guides us to such a threshold.

Satisfaction comes from rising to the call of the arduous and difficult, and learning how to fail well. Failing well means getting back up, getting back on the mat, allowing yourself to be vulnerable after heartbreak. This is where the value of true achievement dwells and this is the reward referred to in the famous quote “Practice and all is coming”, attributed to Pattabhi Jois. This is the teaching of Patanjali’s first yoga sutra, Atha Yoganusasanam, traditionally translated to “Now the exposition of Yoga is being made.” Basically, without experience, no true knowledge can be gleaned. “Now is the time to get to the mat.”

With Love, Always, In All Ways, For Giving,