Dive In


Where there is resistance is where there is the invitation for growth and expansion, to swim wide and free in the see of your spacious being. The places that rub up against us like the coarsest sandpaper, the doors we want to close and turn our backs on, the murky waters that don’t look inviting, and the reflections we look at and want to refuse to see. These are the most powerful opportunities of our lives, if we can only allow ourselves to dive in. Perhaps you remember learning to swim? I do. I recall fear, discomfort, and unease. My father had me hold his shoulders, as he would swim under and to the surface, giving me a heads up each time so I could hold my breath. Over time, I became more comfortable and found myself freely swimming through the water unassisted. If I had never learned to swim the opportunities to explore and enjoy my life would be far more limited, not to mention the peril I would find myself in if I ever wound up in deep water without a floatation device.

So much of learning to swim is like meeting the resistance of our lives and courageously diving in. Diving in does not have to be headfirst mind you. The resistance is the kind fatherly warning that you are about to go under; it’s the opportunity to garner yourself against that which may drown you. Sure, you could grab a floatation device, ignore the problem, refuse to deal, and turn away spending your life with your head above water not getting your hair wet, but how would such behavior prepare you for when you don’t have a choice. Learning to bolster up and face our challenges head on is how we learn to swim, not drown, thrive and not just survive. There is great satisfaction in resolving inner and outer conflict, in expanding beyond the parameters of what we are, for what we will become.

Where the resistance is, is the place we have the greatest opportunity, it’s the place to turn toward, not away. Dive in to the resistance and have faith that you will swim safely to solid ground, more free and happy when you arrive there than you were when you hit the water.

With Love, Always, in All Ways, For Giving,