Water is Rising


Over the years many friends and loved ones of my heart have left this world. With each passing I am reminded sometimes like a gentle embrace and other times like a rising and gushing spring river of the fleeting minutes of this magical life. Another beautiful soul who shined light so briefly yet brightly into my life passed this week and once again I am reminded that each day of life is the time to attend to what is most important. The reminder of what is most important brings me brightly into the awareness that it is not what clothes I wear, what job I have, how much money I make, nor what pose I can do. What is most important is not what other people think of me, nor what kind of car I drive. Rather, it is how I treat myself and other people, mindfully present in these fleeting minutes in this body and this heart. I take a deep breath, I honor the beauty of the one who reminded me to just be here right now, and I hope to stay in the present moment for as long as I can remember. I hope to stay connected enough to connect to others even if briefly with honesty and love rather than judgment.

Today I spent in the dirt playing with the tulips I planted for the friend who left three years ago in April and praying for the one who left the other day. The reminder to be alive while living is a great gift. To enjoy the squeaks of my dog, the snuggles of my cat, the small irritations of living with my husband, the feel of gusting wind, aching back and blistering hands while pushing a heavy loaded wheelbarrow, and the sun on my back and arms because in a moment it will all be over.   Like the petals dropping from the tulips all life has a course to follow and dissolving back into itself is a part of that journey.

While here it is our responsibility to do our best to enjoy it, to open with courage to the love that is all around us shining every day like the sun and to go with grace when grace calls us back to our homes in the heart of all hearts.

Time is short and the water is rising.

With Love, Always, In All Ways, For Giving, In JOY!