Turn It Over and Turn It Up

Time continues to teach me a myriad of wonderful things. A couple lessons I learn over and over again, happily, I receive them anew every time. One of those lessons is Love is always the answer…always. Another is that the timing is always perfect. Combined, the power of the knowledge gained in these two lessons makes the ingredients for a full and bright life of peace and ease.

With this, over the last few years I have enjoyed turning the year over by turning the volume up and sharing with my friends, family, and anyone who wanted to partake, the song or songs that I played the most over the past year as a way of embodying that which was powerful for me, what I gained or lost, and what I learned.

So today I share my 2014 song and with it I offer that not only does this song speak to the heart of my deepest beliefs and knowing, but it was made ever more powerful as I had the great good fortune to hear it performed live, not once, but twice, as if once wasn’t enough, like learning the lessons to which it speaks.

I would love to hear the songs that were powerful for you in 2014, so please share them with me and we can all turn it up as we turn it over together.

Happy New Year, May Love Always Set You Free!