Being There


Being there for ourselves is the most wonderful and valuable of practices any of us can undertake. Learning to love ourselves as we are, without condition, provides us not only with the warm fuzzy feeling of love, but also, with a true friend to hold us up when times get tough. Putting conditions on our self love like; I would love myself if I weighed this much, or had this job, or my eyes were this color which they are not, only widens the gap between feeling love and appreciation in any kind of times but most especially the hard ones. No matter what is on the table in front of you, no one but you is responsible for your happiness, and the only way for any of us to truly experience happiness and love all the time without condition is to give it to ourselves. I love that old saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” I like to add, “the hard times are the heart times, and the tough get going on loving.”

This holiday season may you give yourself the best gift of all, unconditional, ever-present, true and bountiful love… No matter who you are, what your life looks like, where you have come from, or where you are going… You DESERVE it!

With Love, Always, In All Ways, For Giving,