Where You Are Now

This moment is the moment from which all moments will come. It is an accumulation of all that has passed and all that has been set into motion. Perhaps it is not the most beautiful or joyful moment, perhaps it is the brightest most sparkling day of your life, and perhaps those two experiences are not mutually exclusive. Take a deep breath, observe the light and the feeling on your skin, what does this moment smell like, taste like, sound like? Indulge yourself in the sensual experience of where you are right now, as you do remind yourself that you will never live this moment again. This moment, where you are right now is an opportunity to live the entirety of the spaciousness of the universe within and without. This moment and the many that have passed and the many that will come, the hundreds of thousands and millions and billions of seconds that make up your life are the precise moments in which you make memories and place value on the experience of your unique journey, this moment is your life. As this beautiful Sunday rolls by leading into Memorial Day may you pause in this moment and enjoy the absolute splendor of your breathing, living, beautiful existence, before this moment is gone. May this moment become a marking place in your timeline of memories and may all moments that follow become just as present and mindful and aware.Where you are now is perfect, with love, in all ways, spacious and for giving.