Into the Darkness

In four weeks the darkest night of the year will be upon us.  The Earth will tilt on it's Axis, swinging the northern hemisphere as far as it can from the sun.  Somewhere, lost in the gigantic motion, her momentum will shift, and the northern hemisphere will swing back toward the sun.  For a brief moment, that has to be imagined, for it cannot be felt, the swinging of the pendulum of Earth, will pause. Winter time is a time of darkness, turning in and magic, it is an invitation to be like nature, and not only create, but also surrender and let go.  Practicing long Savasna's (corpse pose) during the winter (with or without asana) is an excellent way to revel in the moment, to pause in the swing of the pendulum.  Savasana is a prone position (laying on the back) with the arms at the hips and the legs extended long on the floor.  If you find this is commonly and invitation to sleep, bring your arms and legs in toward the center of your body.  If you have a mind that does not stop wandering in Savasana, take your arms and legs wider.  Turn your palms upward toward the sky.  Savasana is an invitation to deep relaxation, not napping, though naps sometimes happen here.  The ultimate aim is to be completely at ease and relaxed, mind, body and spirit, and aware.  The meditation is an offering of surrender, it is corpse pose after all.  How much are you willing to surrender?  Your tension?  Your anxiety?  That thing that person does that just gets under your skin?  Your job?  Your family?  Your life?  Truly practicing Savasana is a  process of turning into the dark, and clearing the slate for the seeds of the future.  This practice can be ultimately liberating if not just a little frightening at first.  It is practice, and after your own determined time you can get up, so why not go for it?  Who knows what gems and jewels and treasure you may find as you explore the landscape of your own being?

Tonight, white snow covers the ground, the sun sets against a back drop of multicolored blue, a golden lining rims the purple and pink clouds, nature moves into the darkness with ultimate beauty and Grace.  As we approach the darkest time of year, may we move with Grace and celebrate the magic of life.  After resting, share laughs and the lightness of your hearts with your friends, give thanks and be merry.   'Tis the season after all.