Today was spent wandering through America's sordid past. Visited Jamestown Virginia the first long-term English colony in America, as well as Yorktown Virginia, the place where the English surrendered at the end of the Revolutionary war. After visiting these places of great loss to men and women alike, I am filled with gratitude for those who gave all they had, often their lives, for the freedom I so deeply enjoy today.In the freshness of today, and the reality of the strife that exists world over I offer this prayer.

May we always remember the hardships of those who have suffered for our freedom. In our own times of hardship, may we remember their courage and their sacrifices. And in these times, where survival comes with great ease, may we not take for granted the cost at which that ease has come with. As we move rapidly into a future of unknowns, may we be willing to walk with dignity, and integrity, valuing all life, even in the face of oppression, confusion, and misunderstanding. Radical freedom, only comes from the desire to push forward, in the face if all that stands in the way. And as we continue down this road in our personal and communal pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness, may we honor that pursuit of all people.

In honor of the dead, the fallen, the brave, and their foes, I bow, humbly, grateful, for the opportunity to live and love freely.

May this find each and everyone of you filled with gratitude for your own freedom, and a desire to continue, despite whatever adversity you may face!

With love, All ways, For Giving, Genevieve