Trusting in the unknown, requires a kind of courage that is difficult to teach.  It is the benchmark of a good attitude and the foundation that creates resiliency and ultimately liberation. If we only look at our lives from the perspective of everything is challenging and we cannot get our feet underneath us, then in fact life will be challenging, and it will feel as if the rug is always being pulled out from under our feet.  The reality of life is challenge, or like the Buddha said, suffering, however it does not have to debilitate us.  If we face life with an attitude of trust and adventure, willingness and courage, we will meet the inevitable circumstances and happenstances of our lives with strength and skill.  How does one teach that kind of trust, how does one teach others to have a courageous attitude about life, in the face of the reality of the very difficult experiences every human has to live?  It seems to me that this trial of life will continue as that is the nature of nature.  It seems to me that nature in the end has the final word on the lesson of trust, as nature will continue to test each and everyone of us.  Test us to measure our resiliency, our honesty, our generosity of spirit, our willingness to forgive and face life with an attitude of courageous exploration and creation. When we allow ourselves the room to know ourselves more deeply, to know that part of our self that will always light the way through the darkness, give us the courage to take the leap, and allow us the spaciousness to hand it all back over to something bigger, life becomes more fun, more full, more alive.  And the unknown, reveals itself in ways we could have never imagined, more often than not, more beautiful than we could have ever dreamed, despite the length of time it may take to appear.  As we move into the darker days and darker season, may we continue to rise to the challenge of nature, of grace, of the circumstance of life, work on being resilient and trusting in the unknown, it is in fact all we really are doing anyways.