In honor of those who have gone before

When you go  

tears flow like

mountain streams

over the ledge

during spring snow melt

and outbreaks of trembling storm tears

we cried


When you lived


we danced in light

shook in laughter

played in mischief

cried in vulnerability

we lived


You who have gone


names fill endless pages

the span of which

wrap the universe

ten thousand times

leave us only memories


And like the ten thousand things


we too

will go

we all

will go

and who will replace us


May we honor those who have gone before


by living


like nature

true to the intricate delicacies

of perfection and dependance


like the honey bee

in pursuit of the truest beauty


like the earth

in her bounty of pollen

and radically free

like the wind

undiscriminating in its virtue of generosity

carrying the fruits of love