Genevieve has been acting since she was a child. Playing a Munchkin in a local Children’s Theatre Production of the Wizard of Oz (in Taos) as a little girl, began a lifelong love affair with the craft. She was involved in Drama all the way through high school, appearing on stage in both minor and major roles. After a brief stint studying Acting at NMSU’s prestigious Drama Department in Las Cruces, she decided formal training was not her cup of tea, but that didn’t stop her from going on to write, produce and direct her own, (sold out, standing room only) one woman show at the TCA in Taos, in her early twenties, before leaving the States to spend six months traveling in Europe and Africa. Upon her return to Taos, she continued to be involved in theatre and has since appeared in several local productions and indie film projects. For the past couple of years, she’s focused on learning to refine her craft for film, studying with Eb Lottimer in his Sacred Spaces monthly workshops. Genevieve has evolved from "playing" to enjoying doing the “work”. Her love of literature has further expanded her interest to begin creating for both stage and film. These days, she not only loves immersing herself in challenging roles but also enjoys penning and directing plays as well as short films.

Although, thus far, she has no major credits to her name, she looks forward to having a long list of them in the not too distant future.