Genevieve Oswald

Genevieve Oswald is reluctant to define herself in one particular genre; she is an artist, writer, poet and actress, yogini and spiritual wayfarer, not limited to any one medium or practice. Because of this, she prefers to not ask others "what they do?" knowing more often than not, they will answer with that which puts money into their pockets, as opposed to what experiences they choose to engage in that will undoubtedly fill their hearts with joy. In the same vein, for Genevieve to say, “this is who I am” inevitably limits the possibility of all she is in the process of becoming. This website is a glimpse into the many facets of Genevieve Oswald and the interests that continue to enhance and bring joy, fulfillment and happiness to her life.

Genevieve is happily married to Nathan Oswald a fellow autodidact, poet, writer, river guide, woodworker and maverick. They met almost a decade ago when the car she was traveling in with friends, broke down in Moab on their way to Burning Man. Nathan offered to drive them there and the rest is history. Genevieve and Nathan live smack dab in the center of Historical Taos in a century old adobe house, with their dog Onyx and cat, Taft. They are both avid gardeners and cooks, who love hosting dinners for their many interesting friends when they’re not working on one of their myriad projects and businesses. Genevieve is currently the manager of the acclaimed “farm to table” restaurant The Love Apple, here in Taos.

Genevieve and Oz rent out their upstairs apartment (a charming, Bohemian attic loft) on AirBnB (link) and needless to say, it’s constantly in demand.